December 15th, 2005


Merry Christmas Host DAD

пообщалась  с Mужчиной Моей Мечты = подарок для хоста придумaлся
процесс разгвора плавно скатился на наш с ним...
- Buy him the balls.
- What balls?
- Not that balls, silly, THE GOLF BALLS!
- Doesn't he have enough already?
- Honey, a man can never have enough balls
- Ok, where can I get them?
- Well, they definedly must be at DICK'S
- At where I am sorry?
- Yes, I know sounds like we are talking about dicks and balls, by the way do you...( cut by the censor)
- ...
- You find that Dick, ask them there about the balls but not regular balls
- What, there are different kinds of balls?
- Sure they are, need Titelist white balls. They are around 20$ for a dozen of balls

Naturally we did not last much talking about that shit
the rest of our phone conversation is off limits =)