October 24th, 2006


Мысли Вслух (на английском)

I don't feel like myself today.
Partually, becasue i am sick, and this is the worst time to get sick -- i have so many plans to do, places to go, and square metres to clean. at such times i don't like being sick, i simply don't have time for that.
it is not like i enjoy it either any other time, but sometimes it is nice to take a break and a sleeping pill, stay in bed all day, read a book i did not have for before, watch a movie i planned to watch months ago, have a chicken noodle soup and a honey tea, feel pity for myself and treat myself really carefully

but i don't have time for pity right now, i can't afford it -- i have a speech to deliver today in front of 18 other people
why is that i am punished with the fear of public speaking? -- damn, you, psychoanalysis -)))))))))

servay was taken and questions were asked.
it turned out the fear of public speaking is the major one out there, people are afraid of it even more than of death. Ha, that's logical and obvious, you die once and nothing after but....but you have to live for the rest of your life with that fear of public speaking and do it over and over again and the embaressement you go through while doing it, and i am not even talking about all those memories which gonna haunt you for the rest of your carrier, life and posiible witnesses.

Wish me luck
i am one of them!

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Отмучилась до конца семестра -)))
7 минут позора, но публике понравилось
Главное было -- хлеб и зрелище