September 15th, 2010


(no subject)

So, at work we made some slight price increase at the beginning of this year (January, 2010) под шумок, так сказать.
Naturally, we notified all our major distributors and VIP customers.
So today, imagine my surprise when I receive an email from one of those.

In a nutshell, a woman (with very delicate mental and spiritual condition) on the other side of the screen wrote to me that her account payable has just informed her of the price increase and she demands to know when and to whom I communicated that act!!!

I guess, my question is (at the end of this working day) how awful of me it will be to write something like that:

Dear ...
First, you should throw your account payable of work (and that is a diplomatic term, according to my "good manners" dictionary - of course, not included in the letter, no matter how much I'd love to) if he JUST noticed the price increase.
Second, please look at the attached letter we sent you in January to notify your account payable of price increase.

Nice doing business with you
Best regards,