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 It is so damn hard to chase a dream. Nightmares are easy. You don't chase them; they chase you and there is no way to escape them. 
Nightdreams are different. And I go insane catching them over and over again. And I want more. And sometimes it takes days too, to catch a dream. But here is the thing - once I catch it - there is no way to get rid of it when it is done for. There is nowhere to hide. My nightdreams become my daymares. Until I find another dream to be obsessed with.


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5 янв, 2008 05:37 (UTC)
Hmmm.... when I catch mine and they convert into the "daydreams" I get mixed up what's a dream and what's reality :) Reality, though, always catches up to me by the end of the 7th minute or by the time I reach the train station - which is more or less the same thing :)
5 янв, 2008 21:15 (UTC)
so apparently, my problems will be solved by the subway. -)))

Edited at 2008-01-05 21:15 (UTC)
5 янв, 2008 23:22 (UTC)
Well... I don't know if subway really solves anything, or if it'll solve anything for you, or if it is even a problem :) It's good to have dreams :)
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