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Well, my upic says it all. The beauty of life is, however, underestimated - cause by now I am totally ok. Yes, I am ok with my shit. Right now it is not about wanting what I like, it is liking what I have.

Yesterday before falling asleep it occurred to me that making new friends is always exciting! When I was little I had many friends. Not so many in school though. I had not a single friend from elementary school, one from middle, and one from high. The 'key' word here is 'had'. Outside school walls I was a rock star. I had friends. I lost some along the way, some of them just walked away but it was always exciting. The older I became the more cautious I chose my friends and people whom I let in.

So, now I am invited to a birthday party of a four-year-old niece of my classmate from here. And I am going! Her middle name is Tess. How rocking is that! I am bringing her a movie, one and only movie about Russia made by Americans which I personally happen to like, enjoy and respect - Anastasia. 

Once I was told that if a person is loved by kids and dogs, he is a good person. I guess, I should trust the kids and the dogs -)))


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18 янв, 2008 23:26 (UTC)
life - that's what happened -)))
19 янв, 2008 00:43 (UTC)
а что за муви про россию?
19 янв, 2008 00:51 (UTC)
это не кино, а мультик даже. Про Анастасию - интересный, там песенки есть и Распутин -)))
Нет стереотипов дурацких (ну наверно потому что для детишек, хотя я с удовольствеим смотрю и многие взрослые тоже).
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