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15 фев, 2010

When I am upset, I like to nest. That means that I ll buy more shit, comforting food and useless stuff I can't really afford. Like, I have finally said "good bye" to my Christmas tree today. People in my building gave me a very strange look as I was taking the tree out. I have ordered green tea ice cream four times and I have hooked a cable TV. All that did not seem enough and in spite of today being Sunday I went to the nearest pet store I could think - Manhattan, Union Square. I have decided to get a cat!

It was February 14th, NOT my favorite day of the year and the store was packed with cute couples taking their relationship to a new level, being "we are ready to adopt a pet. together". I was the only single one there. My choice immediately fell on white pile of cuddling and loving furry he-cat. He was big and calm and easily went into my arms. I was not really counting or thinking for that matter. I was upset and I had an urge to nest. So, I asked for the paperwork to fill out. It all went great until I literary choked over a simple question of "are you ready to commit to a cat for at least 20 years?". A multiple choice question. I stumbled for half an hour until a soft "can I help you, miss" brought me back. Can I commit to anything for at least 20 years? - was all that was running through my head. Do cats even live that long? How the hell do I know? I can't even commit to one and the same apartment for more than half a year!!!

It was supposed to be a fun trip to get a loving warm creature to meet me home from work and sleep with me in one bed (I like to snuggle, I can't help it). Instead, I remembered all the bridges I have burned and all the circles I have danced. Damn it, I just wanted a cat! I answered honestly "not sure" and fled the store. Of course, I am not getting any cat. No sane adoption agent will give one to a screwed immigrant who is so much capable of committing to a lonely plant and a bottle of Merlot every once in a while.

And so I have settled for my plant, empty bed and a dream of getting a cat at some point of my life. The urge of nesting was getting stronger as the evening fell on the city and I cooked. For myself. I do that too. Once in a blue moon.


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15 фев, 2010 13:19 (UTC)
you write well in English!

не совсем по теме, но про котов -http://anna-egorova.livejournal.com/744500.html
15 фев, 2010 14:06 (UTC)
thanks :)
now i need to practice to write as well in Russian =)
it rarely works both ways :)
15 фев, 2010 15:08 (UTC)
ну ты блин сообрзил, что дать семтиментальной девушке почитать.
теперь сижу на работе рыдаю, еще и белого Бима вспомнила.........
15 фев, 2010 15:22 (UTC)
I do what comes to mind - can't help it :-)
15 фев, 2010 15:25 (UTC)
ha :) what a twisted mind, однако -)
15 фев, 2010 15:30 (UTC)
not that I mind it, just no more tearful stories, please. I need some sunshine =)
15 фев, 2010 21:39 (UTC)
Looks like it's sunny in NY. At least it was in the morning.
15 фев, 2010 21:40 (UTC)
Oh well, недолго музыка играла :)
it is snowing tonight. again!
16 фев, 2010 01:41 (UTC)
btw, how is my lovely polosatik doing? ;-)
16 фев, 2010 01:49 (UTC)
well, first of all he is all MY now -)))
and he is awesome, standing right in front of me on the table. you should come and visit him sometime -)
16 фев, 2010 01:44 (UTC)
btw #2: dozhdinka, why don't you come and cook for me one day? Pleease?? :)
I've been so tired of cooking for myself already.... :(
16 фев, 2010 01:50 (UTC)
baby, just call me -))) I ll cook. I love to cook for somebody more than for myself or you can come to my place and I ll make dinner!
16 фев, 2010 01:53 (UTC)
sounds terrific! lets make two dinners, one at my place and another at yours.

a ya zaodno provedayu polosatika :)
I had no doubts you would take great care of him!
16 фев, 2010 01:57 (UTC)
ok, let's talk closer to the end of weekend, friday saturday dinners or next week monday or tuesday -)
i work late on wednesday and thursday :)

thanks for trusting me with polosatik -)
19 фев, 2010 21:31 (UTC)
вчера купил кота за 1000 баксов, всю ночь душила аллергия и жаба.
19 фев, 2010 21:34 (UTC)
пришлите мне. нет, не кота. 1000 баксов! :)))
19 фев, 2010 22:03 (UTC)
предлагается только пакетом кот вместе с 1000 баксов + жаба + аллергия, берешь?
19 фев, 2010 23:04 (UTC)
жаба у меня есть, правда она еще мааленькая. аллергию оставьте себе - на память о котике. =)
остальное беру!!!
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