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So it happens that I attract the most random shit. Out of all my useless talents this one is the one which gets me in trouble. If I am in a pickle - it's my fault. If I am out of the woods - it's my pure luck. Nothing in the middle. And it never counts that I try to do anything by myself to make something happen the way I need it to be.

Anyhow, coming back from the beach on Saturday I took an F train 9which is an actual train, not a letter I am using to describe the train). Sober, adequate and red as a well-cooked crab I occupied the corner seat of the cart. For the beach I was prepared: cooler, chair, beach bag with the towel and random shit. For what had happened in the cart - I was not. On the next station two cops came in and started randomly checking on ids of the passengers, then signing some fines and asking to call some phone number. I fled the cart at the random station. My id was good enough for buying cigarettes, liker, and renting a car in some African-American block and not for anything else.

Yesterday, however, my luck has faced me if not en face but definitely in profile. Tell me, what are the chances of bumping into a complete stranger on the streets of NYC in two different places withing 2 hours? Slim, right.
Well, it happened to me. I never wait for the third chance to come by. Two is pretty convincing for me. So for the third time we actually agreed to bump into each other next week. This constitutes shopping ... in my roommate's closet! She has some amazing Versace, MXMR and shit :)

I am curious as what else my fate has for me in stock. Bring it on!


23 июн, 2010 13:50 (UTC)
I am telling you - most random and bizarre shit I have ever seen here. Google, and let me know. May be that day was "something you are not aloud to do in the subway" or " riding from the beach in your swim wear" :)))
23 июн, 2010 14:05 (UTC)
couple of found articles


but this doesn't explain IDs and fines

I still believe that you don't have to have ID on you and show it to the cops UNLESS you have been stopped in your car (there you have to show all papers.
23 июн, 2010 14:10 (UTC)
still weird :)
people checked did not have big bags. anyways, this was the first time they checked it on the cart!
I did see people get stopped entering the subway and being checked out, their bags and stuff, but never actually while peacefully riding home from the beach :(((

I guess I am walking from now on, lol -)
23 июн, 2010 14:12 (UTC)
walking is good for your health.
ps - you don't have driver license?
23 июн, 2010 14:18 (UTC)
I do. but that's a different animal :)