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24 апр, 2013

There was a girl on my train tonihgt. I was coming home from Rockefeller on a D. The girs came in and sat across from me, hiding her face. I still noticed her wet eyes, heavy breath and shaking chin. She was crying and she was figthing not to cry on the train. For some reason I wanted to comfort her and let her know, from my personal experience on the same train not so long ago, that it will pass, that everything will be ok. I wonder if all heart-broken girls secretly know that look and recognize it right away...


25 апр, 2013 15:21 (UTC)
плачущих мальчиков я видела в метро только когда их команда по бейсболу/футболу/хоккею/баскетболу сильно проигрывает ))) тут мне сказать нечего! )
25 апр, 2013 16:01 (UTC)
Не-не, я к этой фразе: "girls secretly know that look and recognize it right away".
Boys too.